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Matt Cartwright has been working in the automotive accessory industry for over 13yrs, carrying out various roles, but grew up cutting his teeth in his dad’s automotive repair shop.

Matt loves God, family, guns and can be often heard talking about his smokin’ hot wife and three beautiful children.

Matt has worked in many lead rolls with companies such as Meyer Distributing and Iron Cross Automotive. Currently, he spends his time overseeing truck accessories and spray liners for Meyer Truck Equipment in Evansville, IN while managing as President/CEO of Cartybrands, LLC sales and marketing group.

The “Identity Crisis” Hummer Build is first time Matt has managed a build for the SEMA Show. While it is his first time managing a SEMA build, his first SEMA Show was in 2011 after being selected for sponsorship from YEN.

Working in the automotive industry is ingrained in his DNA, literally… The Cartwright surname originates from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. Who were the first to use the name of Cartwright. The name had a practical origin, stemming from when its initial bearer worked as a maker of carts, and wheels. The name has its origins in the Old English word craet, which means cart, and the Old English word wyrtha, which means wright or maker, thereby denoting one who was the maker of carts or wagons.



After pondering a career in law enforcement, Jeremy realized it just wasn’t his gig and took the first job he could find coming home from college (haven’t we all been there…). He found himself in a down home shop in Indy, doing all the lacky work no one else wanted to do, but discovered he was quite fond of it.

From delivery boy, to working in sales, then focusing on installing, he’s been in the game for 20-odd years now and loves it so much he’s got his sights set on opening up his own installation shop “soon”.

It may be Jeremy’s first rodeo at SEMA this year, but he knows his way around and those who cross his path think twice before messing with a member of the notorious outlaws known as the Ass Vandals (see ‘Dumbest thing’ to the left…). If the rubber ducky is missing from his dash,
you know he’s been having a good time.



To learn more about Chris Payne go to



Some people buy cars for practical purposes like commuting and transporting things like groceries and Cheeto dust-covered children, and then there’s Ken. He’s had a wrench in his hand since he was able to hold one, working in the garage with his dad and brothers building street rods and whatever else they could think of.

It’s no surprise then that he’s owned 43 cars (probably more) and totaled more of them than he can count, but the 1967 Chevelle hurt the worst. He hit the ground running as an industrious teenager, working hard and making enough money to own two vehicles at the same time, one of which he still owns to this day (you know, the one he didn’t total).

He runs a quaint little vehicle repair shop ‘neath the bowels of Quake LED where it’s not uncommon to hear their favorite phrase, “Heeeeell yeahhhh!!” He and his brother, Chad, got a lot of inspiration from seeing all the custom work their dad did growing up, which led to the
creation of Krueger Kustoms and the birth of the Jeeagle, a beast so ugly you can’t help but stare.



For more on Joel Smith, go to



Chad’s been turning wrenches for as long as he can remember. With a dad full of knowledge and two brothers to learn the ropes alongside, his kickass fate was set.

These days he’s carrying on the legacy with his own company, Chad’s Welding and More, which he started 6.5 years ago providing iron, metal and steel fabrication and other welding services.
He has other irons in the fire, too. Krueger Kustoms was created about 2 years ago with his brother, Ken, to begin creating interesting new rides that only their unique skills could handle.

What do you get when you spend around 200 hours trying to mash together an AMC Eagle wagon and a 2012 Jeep JK chassy? Well, with a love for building cars that go fast (‘cause if you ain’t first, you’re last) and some input from a Jeep-crazy industry peer, the Jeeagle was born.



Andon Sawyer grew up down by the Kentucky river, chasing his dreams up sycamore trees. His passion for the off-road began with a banana-yellow Radio Shack RC Truck with big tires and roll bars in the early 80’s. He would dig trails and obstacle courses in the sandbox his father built. In college he studied computer science, physics and mathematics. 

Andon has always appreciated custom vehicles as a platform for self expression. Low riders, lifted trucks, fast cars, rat rods and sleepers.

His career in the automotive aftermarket started in 2006 in the R&D Department of Road Armor known as Overkill Engineering. Initially there to lead marketing and advertising he reimagined their branding then worked into engineering and new product innovations. His first high profile build was known as Homewrecker, owned by Brent Goegebuer, built by the Travis Kirkman, Gabe Gile and himself.

From there he moved on to develop the Atomic Axles in partnership with Foote Axle and Forge. The Atomic Axle project led to his first experience as an exhibitor at SEMA. Andon as a member of Overkill Engineering was one of three who built the Atomic Axle Buggy which competed in King of the Hammers, driven by Greg Adler. It was thanks to dedication and long hours to bring these axles to production that he met his now wife Vianey making a 5AM coffee run.

Andon continued to design and innovate at Road Armor for a decade. He is recognized for designing the Road Armor logo, the iDentity bumper series, and the Sawyer Shackles that bear his last name.

After leaving Road Armor, he began a freelance career doing graphic design for Dub Publishing, Tri-Ace Tires, Roadcruza, Fury Tires, Cliffride and American Fastbacks. He is also proud to have designed many performance, engine and drivetrain components for DuSold Designs.

There is much more to the story of course, but this is not the forum to elaborate.

Today, Andon live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his wife and two children, and works as a product innovator and design engineer at Quake LED. There he is afforded the opportunity to practice all of his creative and analytical skill and talents. He is known for solving the hyperflash and dash error issue on the JL back in 2018, designing vehicle specific light brackets, the MetalTek series of Headlights and Taillights and much more.

This year for SEMA 2021, he feels honored to have been given the freedom to explore and apply himself as the builder of the Chia Bronco, and to have been involved in the Quake Gladiator and Jeeagle builds and other Freak Show Builds.

“It’s a good day to have a good day, and there are no traffic jams on the extra mile. You are more capable and competent than you believe yourself to be. Stay true to yourself, we all self-doubt and struggle with self-sabotage and insecurity. You only fail if you choose to see it as failure, it is just as easy to view those moments as progress. Be like a pawn and never look back, keep going forward and keep your eyes on the big picture. And should you reach the end of the board, metaphorically speaking, allow yourself to metamorphose into a new you. But remember, your new life will always cost you your old one.” – Andon



Scott was born to a poor farming family in southern Indiana. Learning early on that the only way to get what you want was to work for it and make it yourself. His resume includes working as an auto mechanic, cabinet maker, back to auto mechanic, working at Moab 4×4 outpost in Moab Utah, and now as the lead fabricator at Meyer truck equipment in Evansville Indiana. He mostly enjoys hanging out with his beautiful wife and kids, their four dogs, two labs, a German Shepard, and a chihuahua. Working on his 1970 Chevelle and 1964 Chevy pickup. “I’m more impressed seeing something someone has put their heart and soul into than something someone just poured a bunch of money into.”





Grant Keller has been working at Quake LED for almost four years, yet we still really aren’t sure what he does around here. He is often found dangling outside on the side of rocks, running up mountains, or hucking it off gnarly bangers in the backcountry, so we all think he is a bit crazy.
That said, he sometimes knows a thing or two about absolutely nothing.

Who knows what the future will hold for this interesting fella, but we all know it will be a wild ride worth watching?



Alex Armijo is the owner of 5280 Vinyl and is Denver Colorado’s
preferred Vinyl installation company. His company specializes in car
wraps, vinyl graphics installation on windows, floors, walls and fleet
Alex has held many roles in his lifetime of 32 years but is most proud of
being a father to his two sons James 13 & Alexander 4. He enjoys
playtime in his Camaro SS, off-roading in his Mojavi. Alex’s biggest
accomplishment in life is marrying the hottest girl in the galaxy. Alex
likes to eat a stack of crispy chocolate chip cookies and drink a glass of
milk right before bed.

This is Alex’s first time in SEMA and is a proud sponsor of Quake LED.



Ryan grew up working for his family’s oil field company, Superod, in western Texas. Running maintenance at 14 years old eventually transpired into becoming the company’s VP. When he’s not busy with operations there, he’s spending time in his Fab Lab hobby shop tinkering around with custom vehicle builds.
Tired of always seeing the same old cookie cutter designs is what spurred his interest in taking all-new approaches to vehicle modifications. He takes whatever is lying around and just goes nuts. This passion for creating all things custom fueled the fire to build his custom FreakShow ride: a 2009 Smart car turned into an overland baja with adventure trailer in tow. This may be his first year at SEMA, but it definitely won’t be his last…
Can’t wait to see what he grinds out next!



Jay Desmarais aka J3 has long been in the product design and
development game with a goal of creating never been made before
products. Since 1994 he has been involved with all aspects of product
development from ideas sketched on napkins to molds opened,
overseeing production, quality control and finally products on retail
shelves. J3 has been at Quake LED since inception and is solely focused
on creating and bringing to life as many as possible LED lights to the

When not working, he enjoys the simple things in life such as his chilling
at home with his wife, two children, hanging in nature and brewing up
that blessed cup of coffee every morning!

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