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Freak Show Build?

Freak Show Builds is an exhibition of vehicle rarities referred to in popular culture as, “freaks of nature.” Typical vehicle features would be physically unusual, such as those uncommonly large or small, some with crazy concepts, those with extraordinary features, and others with performances expected to be shocking to viewers. Some Freak Show Builds just changed their 40” wheels five minutes before SEMA for 13.5” fake Dayton knockoffs and broke the internet. These Freak Show Builds can cause laughter and nightmares at the same time — some things cannot be unseen.

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Who We Are

We are Creative Builders

Builders Builders Builders

We are normal people who live and breathe exhaust fumes, grinded metal, and weld sparks in our everyday lives. We have oil-stained hands that never come clean and live to hear the sound of cylinders pounding. Disrupters at heart, we take out our aggression towards these crazy times on builds that are not your typical sponsor-driven, snap together projects. We can express ourselves while giving the finger to all the over performance attitudes and egos with budgets we will never care to understand. We don’t follow the directions (?) because where we go there are none.

F*#Ks Given
Combined Wrenching Experience
Lost 10mm Sockets
Pissed Off Wife's & Girlfriends



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